Tutorials | 27 Mar 2023

What is the cheapest way to send dollars abroad?

The answer to that question depends on the purpose and how you are going to use the dollars.

Tariffs and IOF-Exchange are the main considerations.

The customer must be aware of the fees, both explicit and implicit (generally hidden in an exchange rate presented by the platform).

The ideal is to compare the different platforms in real-time and see the final cost of each one of them.

Additionally, many platforms offer loyalty discounts, so Brazilians should be aware of cumulative discounts. It might make sense to focus activity on one platform to earn progressive discounts.

Another important point is to pay attention to the IOF-Exchange (a tax collected from the federal government).

The tax rate can be 0.38% (sending to investments), or in other cases, 1.1% (sending to a bank account), or even more than that.

As long as the customer invests the dollars sent abroad, the customer can benefit from the lower rate of 0.38% of IOF-Exchange.

As the law does not say how long it must remain invested, the client can disinvest the money sent abroad and use it for other purposes, if necessary.

Regarding the platforms, we have a cost comparison on this website.

Finally, the customer should pay attention to the processing time for sending dollars.

This issue is usually not relevant as most platforms offer an instant settlement. However, if the client has a dated commitment with the dollars abroad, it is worth paying attention to the deadlines for settling the dollars in the account abroad.

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